Renew Utility

Restriction: This information pertains only to SBM On-Premise installations.

This chapter describes the orchestration engine renew utility, which enables you to remove and restore orchestration workflow data from the database.

Renew works by dropping the SBM Orchestration Engine database tables that are created after server startup. It also provides a means to then redeploy the orchestration workflow definitions to the empty Orchestration Engine database. Renew clear requires that the Tomcat service is stopped.

The renew utility is primarily used during an upgrade, but it can also be used if the orchestration engine portion of an undeploy operation fails. For example, if the Application Engine portion of the undeploy succeeds, but fails for the orchestration engine, invalid deployments may remain in the database and consume resources that could be used elsewhere at runtime. Or, if an orchestration requires several events to start and it then stops (for whatever reason), several events may be saved in the database. The renew utility can clear these from the database in that scenario. In prior releases, the utility was used as part of routine maintenance, but that is no longer applicable under ODE because ODE does not accumulate deployments and runtime data the same way.