Practicing With the Calculate Step


You performed the steps in Creating an Empty Orchestration Workflow For the Calculate Step.

In this exercise, you add a Calculate step to the CalculateOrchWF orchestration workflow and define values for it. When CalculateOrchWF is invoked, it places the text are here. in the Title box of the State1 state form after you click the OK button on the transition form between the Submit state and State1.

To use the Calculate step in an orchestration workflow:

  1. In App Explorer, under StepPaletteOrch, under Orchestration Workflows, select CalculateOrchWF.
  2. In the New Items section of the Step Palette, drag and drop a Calculate step onto the line between the Start and End steps.
  3. On the Options tab of the Property Editor, in the Target section, enter the following expression: EventNoticeWithReply\Extension\Title
  4. In the Expression section, enter the following function: CONCAT(EventNoticeWithReply\Extension\Title, " are here.")

    For more information about creating expressions, see About the Expression Editor.

  5. Select the End step.
  6. On the Data Mapping tab, under Extension, locate the Title data element, select the cell corresponding to the Source elements column, and then click the down arrow.
  7. In the Select a source popup, expand Inputs, EventNoticeWithReply, and Extension; select Title; and then click OK.