Deploy Process App Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to deploy a process app. If the process app has not been validated, checked in, or published, these functions are performed transparently, unless there is an error. To open this dialog box, from the Composer menu, point to Deploy and then select Deploy.
Element Description
Environment Select the environment to which you want to deploy the process app. For environments to be seen in this list, in the Edit Environment dialog box in Application Repository, Enable Deployment must be selected from the Composer list.
Label Type the label or version name for the process app, if you want to modify the text that identifies this version of the process app.
Visibility Select the Allow others to deploy this version of the process app check box or clear it.
Comment (Optional) Type information about the deployment.
Options Click this button to open the Deploy Options Dialog Box if you want to specify other deployment options.
Note: Applications and tables in your deployment environment must be uniquely named. If the deployment fails because an application or table in the environment already has the same name as one of the applications or tables in the process app you are deploying, rename the application or table in the process app you are deploying, and try again.

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