Service Mappings Dialog Box

This dialog box opens when you do one of the following:
  • Select a Web service in the Action Wizard for a "Web Service" action type and click the data mapping link. Use it to set up the exchange of data between the Web service (invoked by a state or transition action) and your application.
  • Select an external event definition in the Action Wizard for an asynchronous "Orchestration Workflow" action type and click the data mapping link. Use it to map application data into the event (invoked by a transition action).
Element Description
Service data This column lists the Web service operations and their parameters, or the event data that is sent to an asynchronous orchestration workflow.
Application data Use this column to map a field from the application's primary table to the needed parameter for the Web service or external event. To select a field from the primary table, click in a cell to display a drop-down list of values. For example, you might map the Owner field from the primary table to the UserID field required by the Web service operation.
Note: If you change the name of a primary table field after mapping it here, be sure to review this mapping to determine whether it needs to be reestablished using the new name.
Constant value Use this column to "hard code" a value as the input to the corresponding parameter, rather than mapping it to an application data field.
Tip: Specifying a constant value clears the corresponding Application data selection, and selecting an application data field clears the corresponding Constant value entry.

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