About Application Links and Event Definitions

An event definition is a specific format that lets SBM applications and external products declare the events they can raise, and lets receiving applications understand these events so they can respond to them. Event definitions are listed under the Application Links heading in App Explorer.

An event definition includes data specific to the application or external product, and the following event values: EventType, ObjectType, Product, ProductVersion, and ProductInstance. SBM uses the event definition to construct an event map that is deployed to the Event Manager. At runtime, the Event Manager receives the event, and if the event is in a deployed event map, it invokes the associated asynchronous orchestration workflow, passing the event definition data to the workflow.

Important: Orchestration links, not event definitions, are used to define events for synchronous orchestration workflows. For more information, see About Orchestration Links.
Event definitions can be created in two ways:

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