Server Statistics

Restriction: This section pertains only to on-premise installations.

The Server Statistics tab displays performance statistics on the Application Repository server, based on URL requests. For every action, you see a corresponding controller invocation. You also see repository requests in this log.

Use this information as a tool for analyzing performance problems, if they occur. For example, if you are experiencing long wait times for certain requests, sort by the Average Time (ms) column to see what is taking the longest time.

In the Server Statistics tab, you can perform the following actions:

The Server Statistics table shows the following information:
Column Description
Entity Name of the request made to the Application Repository server.
Min/Max/Average/Total Time (ms) Statistics about the amount of time, in milliseconds, that the request has consumed.
Count The number of times that the request has been made to the server.
Percentage How much time the request consumes as a percentage of the total time consumed by all requests.