Getting a Process App from SBM Application Engine


To get a process app from SBM Application Engine, you must have the Export Process Apps privilege, which is set in SBM Application Administrator.

You can get a process app that is running on the SBM Application Engine server and check it into the repository, making it available to Application Repository and SBM Composer. If there is already a copy of the process app in the repository, getting a copy from the server creates a new version.

To get a process app from the SBM Application Engine server:

  1. On the Environments tab, select the environment where the process app is running.
  2. Select the Deployments sub-tab.
  3. Find the process app that you want to get from the SBM Application Engine server, and then click the Get icon.
  4. In the Get from runtime dialog box, enter a label, if necessary. This appears in SBM Composer as the Baseline Label. Select the Create snapshot check box to create a process app snapshot as part of the operation. Select the Exclude auxiliary table data check box that appears if you do not want the snapshot to include auxiliary table data. This can save a considerable amount of time if auxiliary tables are large.
  5. Click Get.
The process app is retrieved from the SBM Application Engine server, checked into the repository, and appears in the list of process apps on the Process Apps tab.