About Auxiliary Data

Use the Auxiliary Data feature to add and edit items in auxiliary tables.

The Auxiliary Data feature is useful for quickly adding or updating a few auxiliary items at one time. To add or update a large number of auxiliary items, consider using the Data Import feature. You must have administrative privileges to import auxiliary items, however. For details, refer to About Data Import.

The Search Filter

Use the Search Filter to select an auxiliary table and provide search criteria for specific fields. The fields available for searching are those for which the Appears on Lookup Form check box is selected in SBM Composer.

Tables for which you have "view" privileges are available in the Table list.

After you enter search criteria, click Search to return a list of related results.

Click the column headers to sort the results lists. The first column may contain multiple fields specified by your administrator. You can sort this column by the values in this field.

For example, if the column contains a Title and First Name field in that order, results may appear as:

Manager, Adam

Manager, Bruce

Manager, Carol

Based on your privileges, you can edit items in the list or add new items to the table.

Adding New Auxiliary Items

Click Submit to open the Submit form for the selected auxiliary table. Provide data for the item as needed, and then click OK.

To add auxiliary items, you must have privileges to submit items in the selected table.

Editing Auxiliary Items

In the search results, click the auxiliary item link to open the item in a "view" form. Depending on your privileges, you can update or delete the item. You can also send e-mail messages, add attachments, and other actions, depending on your privileges.
Tip: If the results list contained multiple items, use the links at the bottom of the page to move through the list.