Customizing the User Profile Card

The User Profile Card page lists every user attribute in the system. You can also search for an attribute on the page by name. The Type column indicates which type of record is associated with the attribute. Each attribute belongs to either a user, resource, or a contact record.

Users and administrators can set these attributes by:

Any administrator with access to Application Administrator can customize which attributes should appear on each user's profile card. Use the drop-down boxes in the Section column to designate which section of the card should display the attribute. Select (None) if the attribute should not be displayed.

Tip: Some attributes are limited to certain sections (you cannot display the Full Name in the Location section, for example.)

If an attribute is empty, the attribute does not appear on the card. For example, if Bill does not have a Title attribute defined on his user account, the Title attribute does not appear on his user profile card.

Journal and Memo fields are not available for display on the user profile card. All other field types are applicable.