Folder Fields

Folder fields allow users to link primary or auxiliary items to a Public or Knowledge Base folder.

Note: Information for the Project, State, and Contact system fields is also shown on this page.
Folders must be created and configured correctly in SBM System Administrator before they can be used as selections for Folder fields. Specifically:


The following Folder field attributes can be modified for default fields in projects and transition fields. Attributes set for fields in the Default Fields list apply to all transitions; attributes set for fields for a transition apply only to that transition.

Display Options

  • Allow Searching

    Indicates that the Value Find feature is enabled for the field on submit, transition, and update forms. This allows users to enter to search for values.

  • Single Drop-down List

    Allows users to select a value from a drop-down list.


Specify a default value from the possible selections. For Folder fields, you can choose a Public and Knowledge Base folder defined in SBM System Administrator. Possible selections vary for system fields, such as the Project and State fields, but use caution when selecting default values for system fields because doing so may impact system behavior.

Transition Actions

The following options are available for fields when you are editing a transition and enable you to control field values for the transition. For example, you may want to clear an existing value for a required field when a transition is executed, forcing users to provide a new value. These options apply to all field types for transitions.
  • Leave Value Unchanged

    Select to retain the field's current value when the transition is complete.

  • Clear Value

    Select to clear the field's current value.

  • Set Value to Default Value

    Select to use a default value for the field as the user executes the transition. You can then select a default value.