Binary/Trinary Fields

Binary/Trinary fields can store either two values or three values that are defined in SBM Composer. Binary/Trinary fields are also used to determine subtask status. The values provided as first, second, and third values correspond to actions based on subtask status.


The following Binary/Trinary field attributes can be modified for default fields in projects and transition fields. Attributes set for fields in the Default Fields list apply to all transitions; attributes set for fields for a transition apply only to that transition.


Indicates the pre-selected value for this field. For fields set to be displayed as a check box, "Checked" and "Not Checked" are available as default values.

Display Options

You can view display settings for default Binary/Trinary fields. These settings are defined in SBM Composer and cannot be modified in Application Administrator.

Transition Actions

The following options are available for fields when you are editing a transition and enable you to control field values for the transition. For example, you may want to clear an existing value for a required field when a transition is executed, forcing users to provide a new value. These options apply to all field types for transitions.
  • Leave Value Unchanged

    Select to retain the field's current value when the transition is complete.

  • Clear Value

    Select to clear the field's current value.

  • Set Value to Default Value

    Select to use a default value for the field as the user executes the transition. You can then select a default value.