Guide to SBM Documentation

The SBM documentation set includes manuals for all user audiences.

Most documents are installed with SBM and are also available here:


The SBM readme contains important information about a particular SBM release, including what's new, additional changes, and steps for upgrading from a prior verison of SBM. Refer to the readme for each SBM upgrade that you perform.

The readme is located on the Documentation Center.

End-user Documentation

Title Description
Serena Work Center Guide Provides guidance using Work Center. This document is available on the Documentation Center.

SBM User's Guide

Instructions on using the SBM User Workspace.

SBM Reporting Guide

Provides guidance for using the SBM's robust reporting feature.

Process App Designers and Administrators

Title Description

SBM Composer Guide

Provides details on using SBM Composer to create the tables, fields, workflows, forms, and other design elements comprised in process apps. Information about saving, versioning, importing, and exporting process apps is also provided. This document is intended for individuals who want to design and maintain process apps.

SBM Orchestration Guide Provides information about using SBM Composer to create orchestrations that use Web services to coordinate the interaction between an SBM application and one or more external systems. Advanced information, such as how to raise events through e-mail messages and JMS queues, is also provided.

SBM Application Administrator Guide

Explains how to configure deployed applications. Instructions for managing projects, user and group accounts, and notifications are included.

System Administrators

Title Description

SBM Quick Start Guide

Provides steps for installing and configuring SBM with the sample database. This guide is intended to help administrators set up an SBM system for testing or demo purposes.

SBM Installation and Configuration Guide

Provides information on installing SBM and creating a database. Database and Web server configuration information is also provided.

SBM Application Repository Guide

Provides information on using SBM Application Repository to deploy process apps to runtime environments and to promote configured applications from one environment to another.

SBM System Administrator Guide

Provides information on administering the SBM Application Engine. Instructions for database utilities and system settings are included.

SBM Licensing Guide Explains how to manage licenses for SBM. License types are discussed, along with instructions for installing and using the Serena License Manager. This guide is intended for administrators who will install and implement SBM.

Moving to Serena Business Manager

Provides migration information for existing TeamTrack customers who are moving to SBM. It explains how to upgrade your existing system, and it explains the expanded SBM paradigm in relation to the TeamTrack paradigm.


Title Description

SBM Web Services Developer's Guide

Provides an overview of all SBM Web services, including descriptions for all calls, arguments, and responses. Installation instructions and information about the sample Web service programs are also provided.

SBM JavaScript Library Guide

Provides information about using the functions in the SBM JavaScript library to create dynamic custom forms.

SBM AppScript Reference

Provides information on customizing SBM using SBM AppScript, a programming language built around VBScript 4.0. This guide is intended for VBScript programmers who want to use SBM AppScript to implement custom features in an SBM system.