Specifying Home Page Reports

Your Home Page report appears in the content pane and reflects specific information about primary or auxiliary items in the tracking system. Initially, the Task page is set as your home page, but you can hide the Task page and select a home page report instead. When you hide the Task page for one application, it is hidden for all applications.

You can select a different Home Page report for each application to which you have privileges. This allows you to display pertinent information for each application.

Note: If you only have privileges to access items in auxiliary tables, you can specify a report based on an auxiliary table for your home page report.
Note: External users cannot modify application settings.

To specify a Home Page report:

  1. Select the Application tab for which you want to set your home page.
  2. Click the Application Settings icon: image located on the SBM User Workspace toolbar.
  3. On the Home Page tab, complete the following options as necessary:
    Option Description
    Report search Use this option to search for reports by keyword. Enter the report title or part of the report title in the box and then click the search icon. The first report that contains the specified keyword is selected. Click Next to view subsequent matches.
    Report list This list contains all reports that you have privileges to run, including built-in, system, and custom reports. Select the report that you want as your Home Page report. To show the Task page for all applications, select Launch Page from the list.
  4. Click Save to save your settings. Click Reset to clear settings; click Cancel to exit the page.
Tip: To show the Task page, return to the Home Page tab and select Launch Page from the drop-down list.

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