Single-Field Functions

Perform single-field functions (SQL aggregate functions) in Summary reports. Calculations are specified in the Add Columns of Calculations section of the report form.

Perform the following functions:

For example, to determine the last time an item was submitted into a particular project, specify the following parameters in the Calculated Fields to Display section of the report form: Last Item Submitted = MAX of Submit Date/Time. When you run the report, the date and time the last item was submitted into the queried project appears in the Last Item Submitted column.

Note: The DBMS (database management system), which performs the calculations, ignores NULL data in the calculation. This characteristic can affect averages if data is absent since only fields with values are included in the calculation, but all records are counted in the report for use in the denominator.

Microsoft SQL Server users might experience difficulties performing averages on date fields. To avoid errors, only perform date averages on a small number of records.

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