Viewing Favorites

Your favorites folders and links are available from the navigation pane. The following user profile settings impact how favorites appear:

To view links in favorites folders:

  1. Open the Favorites view using one of the following methods:
    • From the Task page, click the Show My Favorites link.
    • From the navigation pane, click the Favorites link.
    Your favorites folders appear in the navigation pane.
  2. Click a folder or click the plus (+) sign to expand the folder and view its contents. If the folder contains more items than allowed by the system, click More to view the whole list in the content pane.
  3. Click a favorites link to open the item.
    Note: Favorites are sorted alphabetically by favorite name. When you view the contents of a favorites folder in the content pane, primary items in folders are sorted by primary table and project, and then listed by item ID. Auxiliary items in folders are sorted by table and listed alphabetically by title. Reports and URLs in folders are also listed alphabetically by title.