Connecting to the Accessible Interface

To connect to the Accessible interface from the SBM User Workspace:

  1. Log on to the SBM User Workspace. For details, refer to Logging On to the SBM User Workspace.

  2. Click the User Profile link in the toolbar. The Edit User Profile form opens.

  3. Click the Display tab, and then select the Use Accessible Interface check box.

  4. Click Save Profile. The Welcome page opens.

To connect to SBM from a handheld device:

  1. Connect the handheld device to the Internet.

  2. Launch the Web browser installed on the handheld device, and then type the URL for your SBM system in the browser address box.

  3. The Login dialog box opens. In the User ID box, type your SBM login ID. In your Password box, type your SBM password.

    Note: Some handheld browsers cannot recognize the question mark included at the end of the SBM URL. If you are unable to connect to SBM, add stdpageto the end of the SBM URL. For example, http://serverName/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?stdpage
  4. Click Login; the Welcome page opens.

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