Compressing Data for Remote Administrators

By default, data is not compressed when it is sent from the SBM database to the Web server for remote administrators connecting to SBM System Administrator. If your remote administrators experience performance issues, you can compress this data.
Note: Depending on your network configuration and speed, compressing data may improve performance for remote administrators. However, because data must first be compressed and then decompressed, it may slow performance for some remote administrators. For best results, you may want to test performance using compression. If performance worsens, clear the check box, which applies to all remote administrators using the system.

To compress data for remote administrators:

  1. From the Options menu, select Settings or click the Settings icon on the toolbar. The Settings – Server tab opens.
  2. In the Compression area, select the Compress data before sending it to the Remote Administrator check box.
  3. Click OK.