The WorkflowComment type holds details about an annotation in the graphical workflow. The WorkflowComment type parameters are listed below.


Name Type Description
id integer The TS_ID of the annotation from the TS_GWECOMMENTS table.
center Point The location of the annotation.
size Size The size of the annotation.
text string Contents of the annotation.
styleClass string The class name.
styleOverride string Describes style overrides for the comment.
ownerTransition TransitionIdentifier The associated transition.
ownerState StateIdentifier The associated state.
extendedData ExtendedData Placeholder for future arguments.


The WorkflowComment type describes the in the graphical workflow. For details on the graphical workflow, refer to Workflow.


The following XML snippet shows the WorkflowComment type in the return element of the GetWorkflows response.

    <ae:text>Any Help Desk team member can perform Assign.</ae:text>
    <ae:styleOverride>align: Near;valign: Near;cornerradius: 0;</ae:styleOverride>
    <ae:ownerTransition xsi:type="ae:TransitionIdentifier">