Table-Type indicates the type of table. The available table types are listed below.


Name Type Description
NOT-SPECIFIED string Used to not specify a table type.
SYSTEM-TABLE string A table type that is inherent to any SBM database.
PRIMARY-TABLE string A table that stores information about primary items, which follow an application workflow process.
AUXILIARY-TABLE string A table that stores information that may be needed repeatedly. Stores records that do not follow an application workflow process.
SYSTEM-AUXILIARY-TABLE string An built-in auxiliary table provided by SBM
ARCHIVE-TABLE string A built-in table used to store archived primary or auxiliary records.


Table-Type can be used to limit the types of tables returned in GetTables. It can also be used to identify the type of table returned in the GetTables response.

Note: The SYSTEM-TABLE and ARCHIVE-TABLE parameters are not currently implemented and will not return results when used in a GetTables call.


The following XML shows Table-Type as seen in the type element of a GetTables response.

      <ae:table xsi:type="ae:TableIdentifier">
      <ae:solution xsi:type="ae:SolutionIdentifier">
         <ae:displayName>Issue Defect Management</ae:displayName>