UGBase is an object type for internal use and supports concepts useful to users and groups. UGBase objects are never merely of type UGBase; they must be of type User. The type Group is used internally within SBM but is not yet available via SBM AppScript.




  • GetDisplayName(): Returns this user's full name.

    Input: N/A

    Output: N/A

    Return: (String) – The full name of this user.

  • Member(groupId): Find out whether a user is a member of a group.

    Input: groupId (Long Integer) – TS_ID of the group to test for membership. The group ID can be looked up from its name in the TS_GROUPS table using AppRecord methods.

    Output: N/A

    Return: (Long Integer) – Non-zero if this user is a member of the given group; zero if not.

  • UniqueName(): Get this user's login ID, which is unique.

    Input: N/A

    Output: N/A

    Return: (String) – This user's login name.

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