AppRecord is the base object type for the majority of SBM objects. An AppRecord can represent any row of any table from the current SBM database. The table is specified by a numeric table ID which must be supplied when the AppRecord is created. Thus, AppRecord objects must be created using Ext.CreateAppRecord() and cannot be created with CreateObject(). For details on Ext.CreateAppRecord, refer to Ext.CreateAppRecord( tableId [, recType] ). For details on working with SBM database records, refer to Working with SBM Database Records.

After an AppRecord has been created for a specific table, its methods can retrieve data from any row of that table. However, the AppRecord can never be used with a different table; you must create a separate AppRecord object for that purpose.

When discussions of AppRecord objects refer to the "table ID of the current item," it means the table ID given when the AppRecord was created. AppRecord subtypes have hard-coded table IDs and can thus be created without supplying the table ID. For example, a User object is an AppRecord subtype that is always associated with the TS_USERS table. Thus, the table ID of any User object is the TS_ID associated with the TS_NAME of "Users" in the TS_TABLES table. The "Ext" object provides functions to look up table names and IDs.


AppRecord does not inherit from any object type.


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