Sets the value of the specified field.

Note: Sub-Relational fields are not supported. These fields are driven by associated Single Relational or Multi-Relational fields, which can be set using the SetFieldValue method.
Note: The SBM AppScript also has a SetFieldValue method.


Name Type Description
fieldName String The name of the field.
value String
The value to set on the field. The value is a string, with the following exceptions:
  • Binary/Trinary (Check box style): The value is a Boolean (true or false).
  • Date/Time (Date and time, Date only, Time of day style): The value is a Date object.
  • Date/Time (Elapsed time style): The value is a numeric value for the number of milliseconds of elapsed time.
If the field is a Combo Box or List Box, the value must match the value of an item already in the list, and is case-sensitive.

If the field is a Multi-Group, Multi-Relational, Multi-Selection, or Multi-User field, the value is a string of comma-separated values. If the values have embedded commas, use the SetFieldValues method instead to return the array.

fireEvent Boolean If this parameter is set to true, then setting the values causes the change event to fire. If this parameter is set to false, then the change event does not fire.

Return Value

Result Value


This example sets the string value of a Text field:

SetFieldValue("UNITPRICE", "1.45", true);

This example sets the string value of a Binary/Trinary field with three radio button choices:

SetFieldValue("RELEASETYPE", "Beta", true);