Rule Editor

The rule editor is primarily used to construct and edit rules that determine:
  • How an item should be routed from a decision in an application workflow.
  • Whether a transition should be available on a state form.

Rule Palette

The Rule Palette includes the following types of controls:
  • Logical Operators include AND and OR search operators. These operators are used to specify search operators for fields and to group expressions to set a sequence for evaluating rules.
  • Fields include the fields that can be evaluated. These fields are in the primary table. If you add or remove fields from the primary table, they are added or removed from this section.

Rule Expression

In the rule editor, drag fields and logical operators from the Rule Palette to the Rule: rule name block. Then specify the value, field, or application variable you want to compare to complete the logic of the rule. The Rule summary block contains a read-only string that represents the rule as you create it. The name of the rule is displayed on the tab in the rules editor.
Note: Only compatible field types can be evaluated. See Field-to-Field Comparisons for a list of the field types that can be evaluated against the field you dragged from the Rule Palette.

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