Home Tab of the Ribbon

The following tables describe the commands available in the various areas on the Home tab of the Ribbon.

Command Description
Component Add a new application, orchestration, or application reference to the open process app.
Element Add one of the following elements to an application:
  • AppScript
  • Event with Reply
  • External Event
  • State Form
  • Transition Form
  • Print Form
  • Image
  • Icon
  • JavaScript
  • Form Extension
  • Listing
  • Role
  • Rule
  • Table
  • Web Service
  • Workflow
  • Sub-workflow
Command Description
Paste Place the content of the Windows Clipboard.
Cut Move the selected item to the Clipboard.
Copy Move a copy of the selected item to the Clipboard.
Duplicate Move a copy of the selected item to the Clipboard, and place the content of the Clipboard.
Command Description
Get Latest Get a read-only copy of the selected design elements from the repository. This does not create a new version, and leaves the design elements available for check out.
Check Out Retrieve an editable version of the selected design elements from the repository. This creates a new version, and locks the design elements so they cannot be checked out and changed by another user.
Check In Store the selected design elements and any changes you made in the repository. This makes the new version available for check out.
Refresh Status Update the repository status of the open process app. For example, checked out by you, checked out by another, and so on.
Undo Check Out Cancel the check out of the selected design elements. This leaves them checked in, unchanged, and available for check out from the repository.
Version History View a list of the versions of the selected design elements that were checked in to the repository.
Command Description
Zoom Select Fit to Window or a percentage of the normal size to see more or less of the form or workflow in the editor pane.
100% Display the form or workflow in the editor pane at its normal size.
Command Description
Print Print the design element in the editor pane.
Save As Image Save an image of the form or workflow in the editor pane as PNG, JPEG, or other common image format.
Common Views

Use the options in this area to toggle the display of various types of information at the center of the SBM Composer window, below the editor pane. When more than one option is selected, each view is displayed as a tab.

Command Description
Property Editor Toggle the display of the Property Editor. This option is selected by default. See Using the Property Editors for more information.
Validation Results Toggle the display of information generated when the process app is validated. See Validating a Process App for more information.
Common Log Viewer Toggle display of information generated in a log file while a process app is running. See About the Common Log Viewer for more information.
Activity Log Toggle the display of other information generated when major operations, such as deployment and other repository tasks are performed in SBM Composer.
Command Description
Find Items Opens the Find Items Dialog Box.
End-User Help Opens the Finding End-user Help Text.
Where Used Opens the Where Used Dialog Box.
Command Description
Serena Logo Opens the http://www.serena.com Web site.
Start Page Opens the SBM Composer Start Page, from which you can see procedures to help you get started with SBM Composer. The Start Page also contains other useful resources that you can view or download.

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