Edit Sample REST Data Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to view and modify sample data for the REST service.

This is especially useful if SBM Composer cannot connect to the data source. You can type or paste the data into this box so you can configure the widget. The data source must be available at runtime, however.

Element Description
Sample data Initially shows data from the REST service based on the URL and any URL parameters. You can manually modify the data as needed.

If you receive an error indicating that the remote service cannot be found, you can manually paste or import sample data into this box. Do this only if you are sure that your REST URL and parameters are correct.

Import Click to import data from an external file. Contents must be in either XML or JSON format.
Format Select to properly format data you add or import. This option is useful for troubleshooting validation errors since the problem is typically shown where formatting is incorrect.
Line/Column Information Shows line and column information for the cursor location.