Find Results Pane

This pane shows the results of a search from the Find Items Dialog Box or Finding End-user Help Text dialog box.

This pane occupies the same space as the Property Editor, below the editor pane. When multiple panes are open in this area, arrange them the same way as you arrange editor tabs in the editor pane.

If you double-click an item in this pane:
  • The applicable editor opens, and the item is selected in the editor.
  • The Property Editor for the item opens.
  • The item is displayed in blue to indicate that it has been "visited."
If you right-click an item in this pane, the context menu includes the following commands:
  • Go to Location is the same as double-clicking the item (see above).
  • Remove deletes the item from the pane.
  • Clear removes all items from the pane.
  • Show Details expands the item and provides additional information. For example, when the search results are from the Find End-User Help Text dialog box, any existing help text for the item is displayed.

For a complete list of context menu commands, see Context Menu Options for Lists and Tables.