Duplicating a Workflow

You can duplicate any workflow or sub-workflow. The duplicate is added to the Application Workflows heading. A duplicate sub-workflow is added as a child of the same parent workflow.

Duplicated workflows inherit the states, transitions, and decisions in the originating workflow.

  • When you duplicate a workflow that contains sub-workflows, only the parent workflow is duplicated.
  • The default name for a duplicated workflow is workflow name workflow name 2. The default name for a duplicated sub-workflow is workflow name workflow name Sub-workflow 2. If you duplicate the workflow or sub-workflow, the name is repeated, 2 is incremented to 3, and so on. For example, if you duplicate the workflow Test, the new duplicate is named Test Test 2. If you duplicate Test or Test Test 2, the new duplicate is named Test Test Test 3.

To duplicate a workflow:

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