Debugging With Error and Warning Validation Messages

This section shows you how to work with error and warning validation messages to debug process apps.

The following is a sample warning message. (All validation messages appear in this format.)
Description Severity Element Name Element Type Design Element Application/Orchestration
Warning Icon State 'Closed' is unreachable Low Closed Regular State CreditApprovalWorkflow CreditApprovalApp

In this message, State 'Closed' is unreachable indicates that there is a problem with the regular state named Closed that is part of the application workflow named CreditApprovalWorkflow, which is contained within the application named CreditApprovalApp.

To go to the source of the message:

In the example, SBM Composer opens CreditApprovalWorkflow (application workflow) in the workflow editor and selects the Closed state. In this case, the Closed state is not connected by a transition in CreditApprovalWorkflow. If the Closed state needs to be connected to another state, then you should fix the problem. If the Closed state does not need to be connected, then you can ignore the warning.

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