Creating a Post Transition Between Two Primary Tables

This example describes how to create a Post transition that posts from one primary table to another, without changing the state in the active workflow. It uses primary tables named Issues and Incidents in an example process app containing Issue Management and Incident Management applications.

To create a Post transition between two primary tables:

  1. In the App Explorer, select the workflow in which you want to create the Post transition.
  2. In the workflow editor, drag a Post transition from the Workflow Palette onto the workflow, releasing the mouse button over the state from which you want the post to occur.
  3. Click on the same state again. This lets users post an item and leave the original item in the same state.
  4. Type a name (such as Post to Engineering) for the transition. This name typically appears to the user as a button on the state form, so it is helpful to provide a name that conveys the type and purpose of the transition.
  5. On the Options tab of the transition Property Editor, select Quick Transition to automatically transition the original item. This lets users quickly post the new item. This option should be selected only if there are no required fields for this transition or if you do not want users to provide data for the original item before posting it.
  6. On the Post Options tab of the transition Property Editor:
    1. From the Post application drop-down list, select the application that contains the table to which you want to post items.
      Note: The target application must be referenced in the source process app. For more information, see About References and Defining a Reference.
    2. From the Post table drop-down list, select the table (such as Issues) associated with the application to which you want to post items.
    3. If your workflow contains Single Relational or Multi-Relational fields to the table and in the table selected in the Post table drop-down list, you can select these fields from the Set new item in this item's field and Set this item in new item's field drop-down lists. This lets you create a field relationship between the two tables.
      Tip: You can create a Submit transition in the receiving workflow that can be used by Post transitions. You can configure field properties as needed for this transition.
    4. For When finished, show, select Original item to return users to the item from which they execute the Post transition, after the transition is complete. Select New item to display the new item instead.
    5. From the Item link type drop-down list, select the type of link (such as "2-Way, no triggers") you want to add between the original and posted item. By default, no link is created.
  7. Click Map Matching Fields to quickly map matching fields of the same type. Fields are matched first by database name, then display name.
  8. Modify field mappings as needed. For details, refer to Mapping Fields for Post, Publish, Copy, or Subtask Transitions.
  9. From the Composer menu, click Save (or click the Save locally icon in the Quick Access toolbar) to save your workflow changes.