Troubleshooting AppScripts

Scripts are shown under the AppScripts heading in App Explorer. After you add a script or change a script in the script editor, click the Validate AppScript button on the Validation tab of the Ribbon, or right-click in the script editor and then select Validate.

For an included script (a script whose name is the argument for the $INCLUDE tag), the script name is shown in front of the line number. When you double-click the error in the Validation Output pane, the included script opens in a separate tab and the error is highlighted. Another way to open an included script is to right-click the line with the $INCLUDE tag in the script editor and then select Open scriptname.

For a script in a referenced application, including the Global Application, the script opens in read-only mode. Click the yellow alert bar at the top of the script editor to open the related process app so you can edit the script.

Note: The Validation Output pane also opens if you double-click a script error in the Validation Results. (Script errors are included in the Validation Results if you select the Validate AppScripts during Process App validation check box on the General Options tab of the SBM Composer Options dialog box.)