Step 4: Define Security


You completed the steps in Step 3: Define Fields.

In this exercise, you assign privileges to the User role and restrict privileges for the Manager role.

To add and define roles in the MyApp process app:

  1. In App Explorer, select Security.
  2. Select the User role.
  3. Select the following privileges for the User role:
    • Submit New Items
    • Own Items
    • View All Items
    • View Attachments if Owner
    • Update Item if Owner
    • Transition Item if Owner
  4. In App Explorer, select Manager.
  5. In the Property Editor, clear the check boxes for the following privileges for the Manager role:
    • Delete Items
    • Delete Notes on any Item
    • Delete Guest-Level reports
    • Delete Manager-Level reports
    Tip: In a production process app, you might restrict privileges for the Manager role, such as removing the privileges to delete items and reports. These privileges should be reserved for administrators.
  6. Continue to Step 5: Deploy the Process App.