Roles and Ownership

Workflows that you design in SBM Composer control how items move through states. Every state in a workflow must have one primary owner and can also have a secondary owner. The primary owner field must be a User field. The secondary owner field can be a User, Multi-User, or Multi-Group field. The fields can be populated with users who are assigned the role or roles associated with the field. You specify the roles that are associated with the fields in the Property Editor for the field in SBM Composer.

The selected owner is responsible for performing an action and then moving the item to the next state. For example, a new item in an issue tracking application starts in a Submit state, and then moves to an Assigned state. The owner of the Assigned state could be someone with the Development Lead role. He or she assigns the item to someone with the Engineer role. The item moves through various states in the workflow until it is closed.

The following diagram illustrates the steps involved in the process of establishing the ownership of items in an application.

diagram showing ownership steps