The Privileges Tab

The Privileges tab lists the users that have accessed the repository, and enables you to set System and Component privileges for those users. Privileges that you set in Application Repository affect an administrator's or designer's ability to interact with the repository, determining what they can do with a process app.

Users are automatically added to the list when one of the following occurs:

Use the search field to find a specific user if there is a large list of users that have been added to Application Repository.

You can manually add users to the users list by clicking Add. The user's account must have been previously created in SBM Application Administrator. Click the Remove user icon to remove a user who should no longer have privileges to interact with the repository.

Repository privileges are divided into two groups: System Privileges and Component Privileges. For descriptions of these privileges, refer to System Privileges and Component Privileges.

Note: Depending on the tasks users will perform, users may need deployment and administrative privileges, which are assigned in SBM Application Administrator. For details, refer to About Privileges.