Configuring OAuth 2 Security

For RESTful calls that require OAuth 2 security, you can select Oauth 2 as the authentication type, and then enter the required token details and client information to access the service from SBM.

To configure an endpoint to use OAuth 2 security:

  1. On the Environments tab, select the target environment.
  2. Click the Endpoints sub-tab.
  3. Select the endpoint that you want to configure from the list. Click Edit. The endpoint's properties become editable.
  4. Modify the endpoint Name and URL (as necessary) to specify the correct server and port number.
  5. In the Authentication drop-down list, select Oauth 2.
  6. Enter the token and client information that SBM will use to connect to the OAuth 2 service provider. Refer to solution S141346 for detailed steps on obtaining the OAuth 2 security token information.
  7. Click Save.
The endpoint is now configured to use OAuth 2 security.