Folder Privileges

Folder privileges apply to public and Knowledge Base folders, which are created in SBM System Administrator. The following table describes each folder privilege and the product-access types for which it applies.

Regular User, Managed Administrator, and Script/API

Occasional External On-premise Only Privilege Description
image image image image View Items in Folder – Allows users to view items and URLs in the selected folder. For Knowledge Base folders that do not allow anonymous access, users must also be granted the "View Public Problems & Resolutions" privilege on the System – Privileges page to view public items or privileges to view items in the Problems or Resolutions table to view public and internal items.
image image Add Items to Folder – Allows users to add items and URLs to the selected folder. This privilege also enables users to edit URLs added to the selected folder. The Add Items to Folder privilege also enables users to select the folder as a selection for Folder fields used in primary or auxiliary tables.
image image Remove Items from Folder – Allows users to remove items and URLs contained in the selected folder.