Configuring Theme Settings

Themes determine the general appearance of the SBM User Workspace. A theme is a particular color scheme that applies to the templates, images, and strings that are part of the SBM User Workspace. This is a global setting applied at the Base Project, which means all users see the same theme in the SBM User Workspace.

The themes available to you depend on whether the Enable HTML5 Features check box is selected. "Modern" themes require HTML5, while legacy themes do not. For details on HTML5 support, refer to HTML Support Options (Base Project Only).

The Modern Sand theme is used by default for new systems.

To change the appearance of the SBM User Workspace to a blue-colored theme, edit the Base Project. In the SBM User Workspace Theme section, select Modern Blue, and then click Save.

To revert back to the default theme, select Modern Sand, and then click Save.

Tip: You do not need to restart the Web server to change the theme. Users will see the new theme the next time they log in or when they refresh an active SBM User Workspace session. A full refresh of the browser session will display the new theme throughout SBM User Workspace.

(On-premise customers only) – You can also customize these themes or create your own theme. For more information, contact Serena Support.