Reordering Fields

Projects inherit default field ordering and user access from their assigned workflows. You can override default field ordering and user access for specific projects, states, and transitions, however.

If a quick form is specified on the for the project, state, or transition, field ordering you apply on the Fields page controls the order of fields on the form and user access to those fields. If a custom form is specified, field ordering controls user access to fields.

For details on organizing fields, refer to About Field Organization.

To reorder fields:

  1. From the Projects view, select a project, and then click Details.
  2. Select one of the following:
    • To reorder fields for all states and transitions in a project, select the Default Fields tab.
    • To reorder fields for a specific state or transition, select the States/Transitions tab, select a state or transition and click Details, and then select the Fields tab.
  3. Click Reorder Fields. The Reorder Fields dialog box opens.
  4. Select the Override Inherited Field Order check box.
  5. To move fields to a different section:
    1. To move a single field, search for and select the field you want to move. To move multiple fields, double-click a field section to expand it, and then select the fields you want to move.
    2. Drag the fields from the source section on the left to the destination section on the right. If needed, you can double-click the destination field section to view the existing fields in that section.
  6. To reorder fields in a section:
    1. Expand the destination field section for which you want to reorder fields.
    2. Drag and drop fields to reorder them.
  7. Close the dialog box to save your changes.
    Tip: Click Undo to discard your changes if necessary.