Viewing Notifications

Use the Notifications view to see notifications you received based on your subscriptions. You can subscribe to notifications in your user profile. For details, refer to Notification Subscriptions.
Note: If you do not see the Notifications tab in your user profile, your product-access level may require that an administrator set your subscriptions for you.

Your administrator determines how long notifications remain in the list before they are purged. You can specify how often the Notifications view should be refreshed. For details, refer to Display Options.

Opening the Notifications View

To open the Notifications view:
  1. Click the Notifications icon on the toolbar. The number on the icon represents notifications that you have not read.


  2. If you have not yet subscribed to notifications, click the Subscribe link. A list of notifications that are available for you to subscribe to appears.
  3. If you are subscribed and you have received at least one notification, the My Notifications list appears. You can:
    • Click a notification type, such as "Any work item is submitted," to open a list of notifications that you have received for that type.
    • Click View All to open your full list of notifications.
  4. On the Notifications page, use the arrows in the upper right corner to navigate through multiple pages of notifications.
    Note: The number of notifications shown on each page is based on your Items Per Page user profile setting, with a limit of 40 items per page.

Filtering the Notifications List

You can use the facets in the navigation pane to refine the list by:
  • Read/Unread
  • Applications
  • Projects
  • Subscriptions (if you are viewing all notifications)

If you use a facet, you can clear it in the Refined By list at the top of the page.


Working With Notifications

Notifications are sorted by the date they were received. The following information is available for each notification:
  • Work item link, which includes the Item ID and notification name. Click the work item link to view and act on the item.
  • Project and application name.
  • Work item title.
  • User who owned the item at the time the notification was generated.
  • The date and time the notification was generated.
You can perform the following actions on notifications:
  • Mark as Read

    Click the eye icon (image) to indicate you have read the notification.

  • Remove Notification

    Hover over a notification, and then click the X to remove the notification from the list.

  • Bulk Update

    Click the Bulk Update (image) icon to enable options for marking multiple notifications as read or removing them from the page you are viewing.

    Select the check boxes for individual notifications in the list or use the Select All option to select all items on the page, and then click the Mark as Read or Delete buttons.