Submitting New Work Items

Use the +New icon on the toolbar to add new work items to any project or service in any application you can access.

To add a new work item:

  1. Click +New.
  2. Use one of these tabs to select or search for a project or service to submit into:
    • Recent

      Shows a list of the projects you most recently submitted items into. This list is initially empty but is populated as you submit items.

    • Favorites

      Shows a list of projects you have selected as favorites. To add favorites, select the Recent tab, hover over a project name, and then click the plus sign.


    • Browse

      Provides a way to search for projects or navigate the project tree. Refer to the following sections for guidance.

  3. Select a project or service in the list to open a submit form.
  4. Provide information as needed, and then click OK.
  5. View or update the new item as needed, and then click X to close it and return to the main Work Center page.

Browsing and Searching for Projects

You can browse the project tree or service catalog to find the project you need to submit a work item into.

You can also search for projects by name, description, or application name. Serena Service Manager users can search for services by name, description, or service category name.

To find a project on the Browse tab:

  1. From the Look in list, select one of these options:
    • All Projects

      Search for projects in every application you can access.

    • Preferred Projects

      Limit your search to projects you have selected on the My Projects tab of your user profile.

    • Local Context

      Limit your search to projects for the application or application group you have selected on your toolbar.

    • Services

      Serena Service Manager users only: limit your search to available IT services.

  2. Do one of the following:
    • Use the expand and collapse icons to navigate the tree. Projects are organized by application and project hierarchy. Services are organized by category.
      Note: Services are not shown in the project tree. They are only shown in the service catalog.
    • In Search box, enter your search criteria, and then press Enter or click the search icon.