The RoleHolder type contains the RoleInfo response and any errors for roles that were not successfully returned. The RoleHolder type parameters are listed below.


Name Type Description
role RoleInfo Holds complete information about a role.
access Status Holds status information for any messages or failures that are encountered.


The RoleHolder type returns detailed information for roles from the GetUserRoles, GetGroupRoles, SetGroupRoles, and SetUserRoles calls. If any errors occur during the call, they are returned in the status element in the order in which they were processed.


The following XML shows RoleHolder as seen in the <ae:role> element in a response.

   <ae:id xsi:type="ae:RoleIdentifier">
      <ae:displayName>IDM Team</ae:displayName>
      <ae:projectId xsi:type="ae:ProjectIdentifier">
         <ae:displayName>IDM Project</ae:displayName>
         <ae:value>IDM View Only  (Group)</ae:value>