AccessType indicates the type of product-access a user is granted. The product access is used to determine the possible privileges that are available to users.


Name Type Description
ACCESS-NONE string Indicates that the user's product access is set to None.
ACCESS-USER string Indicates Regular User product access.
ACCESS-OCCASIONAL string Indicates Occasional User product access.
ACCESS-EXTERNAL string Indicates External User product access.
ACCESS-ADMIN string Indicates Managed Administrator product access.
ACCESS-APISCRIPT string Indicates API/Script product access.
ACCESS-LEAVE-UNCHANGED string Do not change the current date product access. Sent by default if not specified.


The AccessType enumeration indicates the product access that is set for a user that is returned by the GetUsers call. For more information about each product access type, see the SBM Application Administrator Guide.


The following XML shows AccessType in the return element of the GetUsers response.