The Identifier type holds generic identification information. The Identifier type parameters are listed below.


Name Type Description
displayName string The display name of the object.
id integer The TS_ID of the object.
uuid string An alternative unique identifier for the object.


The Identifier is a structure that contains generic identification information about an object in SBM. The identifier is a common set of parameters that are combined with other elements to uniquely define objects in the database. For example, the identifier element is used in combination with other elements like tableId, tableItemId, and issueId to uniquely describe an item in several different ways. The Identifier is used in the following common types:
Note: You can send any one of the elements in the identifier—you do not need to provide values for every element. You only need to provide more than one element in the event that the first element does not uniquely identify the object.


The following XML shows Identifier in the <ae:report> element of a typical call.

    <urn:displayName>Change Requests By Issue</urn:displayName>