SectionsOption indicates the sections that should be returned for a record.


Name Type Description
SECTIONS-ALL string Returns all sections. This is the default value for the sections argument. If no value is specified, ALL is the assumed value.
SECTIONS-NONE string No sections are returned (only the Identifier is returned). Note that the Identifier element is always returned, regardless of the value or values specified in the sections parameter.
SECTIONS-SPECIFIED string Returns sections that you specify.


Use the sections and specifiedSections arguments to specify which parts of a record should be returned in order to limit the total amount of data that is returned. The sections that are not specified are not included in the response. For example, if the items that you want to return have a large number of item links, notes, URL and file attachments that don't need to be returned in the response, use these parameters to return only the sections of an item you want. If you only need basic user information in the GetUsers response, use the specifiedSections parameter to return only the STANDARD section. If you need basic user information and group information, specify STANDARD and GROUPS.

In the sections parameter, specify one of the following enumeration options:

You can also use a comma-separated list in specifiedSections to return only the sections of a record that you want. For example:


This ensures that only the fixed and extended sections of an item are returned. Below are the sections that you can specify for items:

Below are the possible sections that you can specify for user records:

Note: If you specify SECTION:NONE after other sections, those preceding sections will not be returned. For example, SECTION:FIXED,SECTION:NONE,SECTION:EXTENDED will only return the extendedField sections. For the GetUsers call, SECTION:STANDARD,SECTION:NONE,SECTION:GROUPS will only return the groups section.


The following XML shows SectionsOption in the <urn:sections> element of a typical call.