AccessType indicates the type of product-access a user is granted. The product access is used to determine the possible privileges that are available to users.


Name Type Description
ACCESS-NONE string Indicates that the user's product access is set to None.
ACCESS-USER string Indicates Regular User product access.
ACCESS-OCCASIONAL string Indicates Occasional User product access.
ACCESS-EXTERNAL string Indicates External User product access.
ACCESS-ADMIN string Indicates Managed Administrator product access.
ACCESS-APISCRIPT string Indicates API/Script product access.
ACCESS-LEAVE-UNCHANGED string Do not change the current date product access. Sent by default if not specified.


The AccessType enumeration indicates the product access that is set for a user. For more information about each product access type, see the SBM Application Administrator Guide.


The following XML shows AccessType in the return element of the GetUsers response.