Ext.LockIsAvailable( )


Determines if a concurrent script is available to be acquired. For details on acquiring script locks, refer to Ext.AcquireLock( [msTimeout] ). For details on releasing locks, refer to Ext.ReleaseLock().

Note: Ext.LockIsAvailable is now deprecated because it returns inaccurate results. You can use the Ext.HasLock( ) method instead to determine if a script in execution has a lock. If you have existing scripts that use Ext.LockIsAvailable, Serena recommends that you review those scripts, and use Ext.HasLock( ), if possible, to determine if the calling script has a lock instead of checking to see if a lock is available across the system.



Return Values

Returns true if a concurrent script lock is available to be acquired. Returns false if the concurrent script lock is not available to be acquired.

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