Where Used Dialog Box

This dialog box lets you see where any design element is used in a process app and in referenced applications. For example, you could have a large process app that has many transitions and states. It would be useful if you could find out which transitions and states use a particular form. If you have a process app with a referenced application, it would be useful to find out which relational fields use values from a referenced table.

There are two ways you can open this dialog box:
Note: Before the dialog box opens, you are presented with the Find Where Used Dialog Box, which lets you select options to refine the search. After you click Find in that dialog box, the Where Used dialog box opens.

To go to the part of the process app that contains the design element being used, either double-click the design element in the dialog box, or select the design element in the dialog box and then click Go to location.

Element Description
Item The name of the design element (for example, Assign).
Type The type of design element (for example, Regular Transition).
Design element The design element that contains the design element being used (for example, ChangeRequestAppWorkflow).
Application/Orchestration The name of the application or orchestration that contains the design element (for example, ChangeRequestApp).

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