Using the Compensate Step

You use the Compensate step to reverse, or undo, the operations in an enclosed scope that already completed.

Procedure Summary

  1. In App Explorer, select an orchestration workflow that with nested Scope steps.
  2. If necessary, expand the outermost Scope step so that all sections are visible.
  3. In the Step Palette, drag a Compensate step onto the orchestration workflow editor and drop it in the FaultHandler or CompensationHandler section of the outermost Scope step.

    If you want to compensate for a specific named fault only, place the Compensate step in a FaultHandler section with a named fault. Otherwise, place the Compensate step in the CompensationHandler section.

  4. In the Property Editor of the Compensate step, select the Scope to be compensated. You can also enter a description.
  5. To specify the compensation actions, add other steps from the Step Palette to the CompensationHandler section, to the right of the Compensate step.
  6. If you are using nested scopes, you can use a Throw step to pass a fault from any inner scopes to an outer scope.

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