Setting Source Values Using Suggested Mappings


You performed the steps in Creating a Practice Process App for Data Mapping.

On the Data Mapping tab of the orchestration workflow Property Editor, you can set the source value for a data element in its Source elements column to use in an orchestration workflow. You can perform this procedure by selecting suggested mappings or by selecting the values manually. Suggested mappings are for compatible data types only. You can also map compatible and incompatible data types using the Select a source tool, as explained in Setting Source Element Mappings Manually.

Procedure Summary

  1. Select an orchestration workflow to display it in the orchestration workflow editor.
  2. Click the Data Mapping tab.
  3. Right-click the Source elements column of the data element for which you want to set a source value, point to Suggested Mappings, and then select a source value. (You might have to expand one or more data elements to locate the data element you want to map.)

In the following exercise, you will map the source data for the LibraryType data element to a suggested data source.

To use suggested mappings for setting the source value for a data element:

  1. In App Explorer, select DataMappingOrchWF under the Orchestration Workflows heading.
  2. In the orchestration workflow Property Editor, click the Data Mapping tab.

    The Working Data step input should be visible under the name of the orchestration workflow (DataMappingOrchWF) in the Working data column. (If it is not, click a blank area in the orchestration workflow editor.)

  3. Right-click the Working Data step input, and then select Add New DataElement.
  4. While the new DataElement is still selected, type SuggestedMapping, and then press the Tab key.
  5. Locate the SuggestedMapping data element, right-click the corresponding cell in the Source elements column, point to Suggested Mappings, point to Compatible Items, and then select Array[1](Working Data - \ArrayContainer).

    DataMappingOrchWorkflow\ArrayContainer\Array[1] is added to the Source elements column.

    Note: The Suggested Mappings menu is limited to 40 items: a maximum of 20 exact matches, 10 similar matches, and 10 other matches.

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