Using the String Builder Tool

The "string builder" tool lets you insert references to table fields and form controls, and insert references to grid data in grid-style widgets. This creates dynamic forms and widgets that are driven by application and grid widget data and the actions of the user. You can combine static data and dynamic data elements in the string. The dynamic data elements represent replaceable text that drives the appearance of input data. The dynamic data is either stored in the database table or on the form.

You can also use the string builder tool to insert HTML tags. This functionality is available in fields that contain text, such as the Content field in the HTML/JavaScript widget, and the Display text field in a Text control.

Note the following points:

To use the string builder tool:

  1. Type { in one of the fields that says Type { to add a dynamic value.
  2. In the menu that opens, select an appropriate application variable, control, field, endpoint, or data element.

The following examples illustrate how the string builder tool works.

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