Upgrading a Process App

A blueprint is created in SBM Composer and contains process app design elements such as applications, workflows, orchestrations, roles, fields, and custom forms.

When you upgrade to a later version of SBM Composer, process apps created in the earlier release might need to be upgraded. To do so, upgrade the blueprint that contains the process app.

To upgrade a process app:

  1. From the Composer menu, point to Import and Export and then select Import. The Import Process App Blueprint dialog box opens.
  2. Select the blueprint file for the process app, and click Open. A message tells you if you need to upgrade the blueprint to work with the current version of SBM Composer.
  3. Click OK. The Import Process App box shows the status of the upgrade. After the process app is upgraded, it opens in SBM Composer.
  4. Deploy or redeploy the process app.

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